Unigrow Philippines

UNIGROW: Pure Organic Bio Technology Soil Conditioner


✔ Higher yield

✔ Can be applied to all crops, wide variety of aqua products and livestock's

✔ Environment friendly product

✔ Earlier harvest by 10 to 14 days

✔ Gradual reduction of the dosage of chemical fertilizer and pesticides

✔ Activates soil microorganisms and enzymes

✔ Plants will obtain physical property that keeps pests and diseases away

✔ Prevents the proliferation of pathogens such as bad bacteria, bad fungi and viruses

✔ Plants will grow healthy because of efficient nutrients obtained from its abundant and strong roots

✔ Proven effective in repelling insects

As an exclusive distributor in the Philippines and patent owner of Unigrow Trademark, send an e-mail to danilodillo@aim.com if you want to achieve 50% to 80% yields in your crops.


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Agriculture x Mall

"A.M., the shortened form of Agri Mall, was styled as such in reference and honor to the early hour that farmers rise to work every day."

Agri Mall is a one-stop shop for the full process of growing and planting from seeds to soils to machinery. Based in the Science City of Muñoz in Nueva Ecija, it is a sub-brand under its mother company Tilah Seeds, family-owned since 1995.

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