Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Google Certified Educator (Level 1)

The Google for Education certification programs are designed for educators and classroom teachers who wish to demonstrate proficiency in deploying, administering or using Google for Education tools.

The Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam will last for 180 minutes or 3 hours without pauses using the latest Chrome version, and a working webcam for the purposes of proctoring. In my case, I had 9 seconds left before I clicked "Submit Exam" button. My intermittent internet connection took away my opportunity to review my answers. Thus, a stable internet connection is a must for the entire duration of the exam.

In order to become certified, you need to complete the Fundamentals Training Course which has a total of 13 units subdivided into 3 categories: Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership (2 units); Increase Efficiency and Save Time (6 units); and Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity (5 units). Moreover, you need to pay $10 for the exam registration fee which will give you 20 multiple choice items and 11 performance-based scenarios (a combination of learning content, assessments, and experience one must demonstrate). And of course, pass the exam.

I am looking forward to successfully integrate Google tools into teaching practice in order to enhance teaching and learning. And I have 36 months or 3 years (certification validity) to do this. Time starts now!

For my credential URL (secured by blockchain-level encryption), click here.